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Question for y'all...

I have no idea what to do for our exit. Meaning, I don't have 'thingies' for people to chunk at us. It's not a big deal, just haven't really thought about it.

There's the idea of throwing butterflies cut out of music sheets:

Or strips of paper

via The Knot

Not allowed to do this one at our venue, so nix that:

via The Knot

Stick to the original:

I've also heard of making mini-lavender packets. That's kind of cute.

There's also marbles you can throw:

I'm kidding.

Any ideas? Happy Friday!
2 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    OMG!!!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!! You should have reminded me! Let me know if you need me to look anything up for you.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Of those ideas, I like the lavender packets the best.