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Another quick update to let you know that I have not yet melted in Phoenix, Arizona. NO, Texas (or Atlanta for that matter) did NOT prepare me for this heat. Yeah, yeah, it's "dry heat" but guess what? It's STILL 114 degrees!! And the refrigerator moving man told me this is "only the beginning."

The beginning? What does the end look like? Apparently like our condo when we first moved in -- HOT.

We were not told by the leasing manager that we had to call the electricity before we moved in, in order to have A/C in the unit. Oh yes... that means what you think it means. Our first night was spent without A/C. In Arizona. In the summer. At this point, not having our mattress yet didn't matter. Sleeping on the floor would have been divine compared to not having A/C. But thankfully it only took one day to be installed and the A/C was up and running the next morning!

Since arriving in Phoenix 3 days ago, we have only been shopping. Woooooo. That has been OVERWHELMING! We have been to IKEA 3 times (still not done), Walmart, World Market, Pier 1 imports, grocery store, Home Depot, 3 thrift/antique stores, and Bed Bath & Beyond (3 times and more tomorrow). I've also managed to get into someone ELSE'S car at the Walmart parking lot, until Jose yelled from the trunk he was going to load "this isn't our car!!" To which I yelled back "of course this is our car! How else would I have unlocked it?!" Then I saw this club bar locked on the steering wheel and my eyes got huge after realizing that he's right: "This ISN'T our car!" I jumped out, locked the door, and darted to the other side of the parking lot quickly, and very confused. I just hope that person didn't leave their door unlocked and I just locked them out of their car! Hahaha. How does that happen?!

(Me in Spain reviewing a picture I had taken -- by Gloria)

(OH! Pay attention to the girl behind me -- her pants. I will discuss this fashion trend in Spain. I'm talking about MC HAMMER PANTS!! Whaat?! More on that later ;)

Anyway, I'm exhausted and it's 2 a.m. I have some videos to show you of the week before the wedding when I was staying with Jose's family at a hotel. It looked like Hobby Lobby and Michaels threw up in the living room. I'll keep y'all posted!! I just need some time for this stuff to settle here too :)

p.s. Jose came up with a great idea for a fruit holder from Pier 1. Yes, Jose! I'll take some pictures and post it to share!
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  1. Ellen Says:

    I can't even begin to imagine how awful it must have been without A/C! Ugh! I am glad it didn't take too long before it was up and running. Also, I can't wait to hear more about the pants and the fruit bowl idea!

  2. Ale Says:

    Thanks Ellen!! There's so much to say and so much to DO! I need to collect all my thoughts and organize them :)