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Get ready!! I'm slowly (and finally) getting back to blogging!

I'm sorry for the delay, but my days have been everything BUT consistent. Every day Jose and I are shopping for some kind of house furnishing. I have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Spain photos to go through, not to mention videos I took before the wedding of Jose's family and I crafting the week before the big day. We are still surrounded by boxes, but at least half of that amount has been tackled this past week.

I want to share tons with you!! I can finally show you the hair trial photos and eventually the wedding photos. I'm still waiting on my photographer to get me the full set of photos.

Just bear with me while I make my way through these transitions and know that it's going to take time because there's a LOT of catching up I have to do!

Hope you enjoy this snippet of Barcelona of people dancing in the street I took. What a bold woman, eh? Strap on some orange shoes and I'm sure you are ready to dance on ANY floor. Speaking of dancing, I'm going to see a salsa studio Wednesday night and I'm SO nervous because they dance a different style of salsa from the one I dance ("on 2" versus "on 1"). I feel like my first day of school! Don't know anyone, I'm nervous of the new style, and don't know if I'll get it. Aaaahh! Wish me luck!!
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