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So guess what I'll be learning soon? How to de-bone a chicken!! YIKES. Jose's mom and dad are coming in Saturday night and visiting until next Thursday. Our first visiting family! :) One of the activities she insisted on is teaching me how to de-bone a whole chicken, haha. I feel bad that they're coming on one of the worst months (in terms of heat). They're really great about wanting to just relax and hang out, but I also want to plan some fun things. We're thinking we might make the drive up to Sedona. Can you believe the temperatures drop by 15-20 degrees in Sedona and Flagstaff?!

(I love taking photos of dandelions!)

Anyway! I've been working some long hours on my photography website which I hope to be done with in the next week. I wanted to share elements that inspired me and will give you some idea of what I want my website to feel like:

This video -- those lovely creamy tones... LOVE the style!

One element I knew I wanted was a hand-drawn piece.. something fun.

And FONTS! OH! Don't get me started. This is SO important and can add that flair to a website. Obviously it depends on what look you're going for. Something quirky and curvy? Or skinny fashion? Or a heart-stopping, curvy, flowy, script that is mighty pricey! Yeah, I was tortured with that last one, especially because the price was just not in my reach.

I struggled with drafts and TONS of ideas with Jose.. but when I saw this site .. it finally clicked.

Question: And by the way, I REALLY appreciate the feedback! Does music bother you on a website? I LOVE great music, but sometimes it can get old quickly. I think music can really add to your website-experience, but can also ... annoy you. What are your thoughts about music on websites? Specifically photography websites. Should I make sure I update it often? Or should I just scrap it?

Happy Friday!
5 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    HATE music on websites. Automatic MUTE. And if I'm listening to my own music and have some other song burst in while I'm browsing sites? SO annoying. I'd leave it off.

  2. Ale Says:

    Haha... I hate when that happens to me too. Unexpected burst of music. There have been a few though that have set the mood for me... but I feel like it would have to be a VERY unique song that people haven't heard. Or not!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I'm with Meghan on this one - I hate music on websites too. I always end up muting it!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I do artist recruitment for a large photography agency, and spend a lot of time looking at peoples photography websites. I have to say the number one thing I dislike is when they have music playing. It's distracting, and I will immediately shut it off. It takes away from my first impression of their work, and I am sure results in me spending less time looking at their images. I say let your work sing for you.

  5. Ale Says:

    I'm so glad that I asked! Thank you all so much for some really great advice.

    Anonymous, could I do a mini interview about the do's and don'ts of photography websites? I'd love to inform others about what to watch out for (and obviously learn for myself! :). Let me know if that is possible! My email is