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I could slap myself for the amount of photos I took in Spain. Ahhhhh -- I sit in front of my laptop, going through hundreds, deciding which to keep, which to post online, and which to edit. But I guess I shouldn't complain because at least I have photos to play with. I'm dying to start photographing again and my patience is really being tested here. My desire is overwhelming, but I have to trust God that he has plans and I need to just... breathe.

So that's me. In the bullring stands. In Madrid. How awesome?!?! A friend of ours, Borja, is from Spain and we visited his family in Madrid. Before going to the bull fight, his mom gave me that fan. Love it :) But here's another awesome thing...

I want to give YOU some Spanish souvenirs!! Since it's clearly not possible to buy everyone something from Spain, what I can DEFINITELY give you... is an artistic photograph. Something to hang in your home, from Spain, made with my love, for free. I love decorating a wall with different sized frames and photos like so:

MORE examples!

Clearly, you don't have to use mine, but in case you needed something different that wasn't a photo of a random stranger... I thought this might be fun :)

My question is: What kind of picture would you prefer most- the artistic one, or the Spanish one? I ask this because some of the artistic ones do not necessarily scream Spain, BUT make great photography prints and vice versa.

Let me show you an example of artistic versus Spanish-y versus both. Keep in mind these are my actual photos (that you can have :) inserted into STRANGER'S homes via photoshop (haha).

(to me, it says Spain AND Latin America, but to some it might just be artistic :P)


(b/c of location.. it's my city shot of Barcelona)


Spanish + Artistic


These are just some examples of what I have. Clearly combining artistic and Spanish is the MOST ideal, however, those are very rare because people have individual interpretations of what they consider "Spanish"-y.

SO pick: Gimme artistic, gimme Spanish, gimme either! ;)
8 Responses
  1. Lauren Says:

    I love the shot of Barcelona! :D

  2. Ellen Says:

    This is so hard!!! I think I'll go with artistic . . . but I wouldn't mind an artistic one with a Spanish flair. By the way, I love that blue chair photo!

  3. Ale Says:

    Thank you Lauren! :)

    Ellen -- Well... luckily I'll be giving away like THREE photos for everyone to download. I'm just trying to gauge people's interest so I narrow the 10 down for people to choose from. I will try my hardest to find a combo :) I got lucky SOMEtimes!

    Gracias Nati!! Miss you!

  4. Daniela Says:

    I love all the photos Ale. I love Spain so anything Spanish or artistic spanish looks good to me. good luck going through all your pics and thanks for sharing.

  5. Ale Says:

    You're so sweet Daniela. Thank you :) I'll try my best!

  6. Lauren Says:

    I love the Artistic and think it would work best in any attempt ot up my lackluster decor. And if it had a Spanish flair, all the better! Miss ya!

  7. Ale Says:

    Miss you too Lauren! Sounds like I should basically mix it up?