Imaginale Design
UGH! If I could strip this dress off the barbie and make it fit me -- I would! So this is an example of one of the many gorgeous mermaid styles (Vera Wang Luxe collection to be exact). You can see why Kristen and I are a fan:

The lace would match my veil perfectly!! .... Alright, after making some ini-mini-miny-moe choices... the winner is... ELLEN CUSIMANO!

Congrats! I will personally deliver this to you in person when we are both available. Thus, let me know your availability :)

Thank you for your comments Meghan! They are always meaningful :) :) I'll see what fun goody I can make next ;)
3 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    Yay! Thank you! I'm supposed to be moving this weekend, so I'll be really busy beginning on Friday. Will you be stopping by trivia tomorrow?

    I LOVE the dress! Normally, it's a style that I would dislike in reality, because I feel like it's unflattering on most people. But I have a feeling that it would look gorgeous on you and accentuate your curves in a beautiful way!

  2. Meghan Says:

    Ugh. Whatever, I am so done with this site.

    Just kidding, of course! You know I don't come here to win stuff; I love seeing what you are planning. =) I agree with Ellen-on most people I wouldn't like that style, but on you it is a flattering shape. However the tons of details might be a bit overwhelming on such a small frame.

  3. Ale Says:

    Haha, you dork.

    Yeah, things ALWAYS change once I put them on. I definitely am leaning for that style now, but I also want to achieve a balance of an intricate design with an elegant (almost simple) look. I'm sure Kristen is yelling in the background at me b/c that's what the dress I tried on in Dallas achieved. Unfortunately I left TX so quick I wasn't able to go back to try in on a 2nd time.