Imaginale Design

These just INSPIRE me!!
I totally plan to replicate a similar feeling
with a fun photoshoot Ellen and I will be doing ;)

Now let's admire Elizabeth Messina from Kiss the Groom

Haha, minus a guy that will NOT be in the shoot

This one makes me melt!!

And true to vintage fashion...
here, ladies and gentlemen, is an actual photo
of one of my mom's cousins
taken in our family's country -Honduras
that I recently scanned.

Yes, that is her actual hair....

And on a wedding related note...
You guys.. this is SO sad and hilarious.
I would seriously DIE if this happened to me!!!!!!
It's 30 seconds... you have to watch!

Hope that made it a better Monday knowing this didn't happen to you!

p.s. I plan to post one of the MOST amazing wedding and engagement photos I've ever seen later this week!!

3 Responses
  1. Dor Says:

    Hey Ale check out my blog- Carlos

  2. babyrue Says:

    i love your cousin's photo... so origional...

  3. Ellen Says:

    Oooooo, love all of the pictures & can't wait for a chance to replicate them!!