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Okay, believe me -- I want to avoid Fall at all costs. Not because Fall is bad, not at all! In fact, Fall is one of the most incredible seasons here in Atlanta. The weather is amazing and the colors are so rich. But welcoming Fall means accepting that Summer is over. And while it may be, I don't want to admit it!! I know.. I'll get over it soon... :P

And in my phase of "getting over it," I have created a Fall inspiration board! Actually, my goal is to make an inspiration board off of Wildflower Linen's breath taking decor each week! I'm all about DIY, but if I was a rich bride, I would definitely get some help from them! Literally fashion pieces for chairs. Completely unnecessary and why weddings CAN cost over 20K!

But, let's put aside that shame and enjoy it from a wishful distance ;) I was a little color happy on the last one, so I decided to stick with warm, sexy colors.

Shades of: black, firebrick red, burnt orange, and pale chestnut
(click to enlarge! :)

Imagesource: rose wall, dancer, bouquet, cake, henna

Again, I really like making my images very cultural (Latin, Indian, Mediterranean, etc.). I love the variety of blends you get with them!

Imagine the types of invitations one could do with these colors and styles?! I picture really intricate henna-like designs around the edges, and beautiful calligraphy, all sealed with a burnt orange wax-sealer on the envelope. A little like the ones I saw here!

Oh, the possibilities...

Lunch is over! Time to get back to work :)

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